Unjunk your Connections mail notifications

Have you set your mail rules to send all Connections notifications to a specific mail folder that you are never going to look at? Or have you set Connections mail notification preferences to ‘no email’? Then read on, this blog post is for you.

Yes, it is indeed annoying when we receive umpteen automated emails every day from Connections: notifications when your someone hits the like button; when someone gives birth to a blog post; when someone tries to make a simple change like changing the word ‘color’ to ‘colour’ in a wiki page that you follow; and not to forget the daily and weekly newsletters. You might get a picture of shrapnel shells being thrown out from a machine gun, when you see your inbox being bombarded with automated mails.

However, Connections news feed is your social inbox. When someone needs your attention, or assigns you some work, or shares a file with you, they might use Connections. If you have redirected all your notifications to a folder, you risk losing them.

Optimizing your Connections Notification Preferences would help here. I prefer to receive notifications that require my immediate attention: @mentions, responses to my content and direct notifications (when a file is shared with me or when someone assigns me a task.

Here’s how I have set my preferences:


Why don’t you share your experiences with Connections notifications? Could it be any better? You can use the comments section below to post your views.