Webinar: Unlocking the Power of IBM Connections 6.0 | May 3 (Wed), 11 am ET

Maarga Systems, one of the premier business partners of IBM is conducting a webinar titled “Unlocking the Power of IBM Connections 6.0” on the 3rd of May, 2017 (Wednesday) at 11 am. the IBM Connections 6.0, which was released recently. Here is registration link: http://www.maargasystems.com/webinar-enrollment/


Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 11.00 am ET


IBM had recently released the newest version of their Enterprise
Collaboration Software – IBM Connections 6.0 that will bring new
capabilities to Enterprise Social Networks for a simpler collaboration
across the workforce and employee onboarding experience. IBM
Connections 6.0 has new functionality across the board from
Communities, to Files, Search, Onboarding as well as the brand-new IBM
Connections Homepage – Orient Me.

In this webinar titled Unlocking the Power of IBM Connections 6.0, you
will learn:

● What is new in Connections
– Orient Me
– Enhanced Onboarding
– ‘Modern’ Communities
– ‘Better-than-ever’ Files
● Deployment methodology
● Challenges in deployment and how to overcome them
● Best practices
● End user adoption
Presented by:
Raja Balaji MP, Solution Architect (Enterprise Collaboration), Maarga Systems and
Sam David, 
Associate Consultant (End User Adoption), Maarga Systems

The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, May 3, 2017, 11.00 am ET

You can register here for this webinar.


TEASER VIDEO: IBM Connections 6.0 at a Glance

Maarga Systems recently published a teaser video on the new features of IBM Connections 6.0. Take a look:


5 Key Features of IBM Connections 6.0

IBM has announced Monday (March 13, 2017) Connections 6.0 will be available on March 28, 2017. The latest version of Connections will bring new capabilities to enterprise social networks for a simpler collaboration across the workforce and employee onboarding experience. Connections 6 also integrates with IBM Cloud Object Storage, providing companies an ability to scale their storage needs with their employee’s usage while improving storage costs.

Key Features of IBM Connections 6.0:

1. “Orient Me”

IBM Connections 6.0 has been redesigned to surface the most useful content from the user’s network. This feature leverages a new containerized, API-driven architecture to bring the most relevant information for the user to engage with – providing an interactive experience.

2. “Touchpoint”

This allows a simpler way of onboarding with easy login, ability to follow colleagues and join communities to begin working more efficiently. It also allows for better community management by copying designs from existing communities – saving time when setting up new workspaces.

3. Improved File Distribution Services

As employees evolve how they communicate and what media they use, file distribution services need to evolve with the workforce. IBM Connections provides a simple to use interface and desktop sync for easy access to files. By providing large file uploads, rich text editor, new preview/editing features in File Viewer and search improvements, users can find and collaborate on files in an environment employees expect.

4. High Power Analytics

IBM Connections 6 provides companies with a social network that can leverage high-powered analytics across various channels including blogs, wikis, activity streams and more. It also allows for employees to connect with each other and collaborate on work products through a single interface.

5. IBM Cloud Object Storage

As data is exploding, companies are realizing it is critical to capture, store and analyze it efficiently for their current – and future – employees. IBM Cloud Object Storage delivers a solution for IBM Connections that stores ever-increasing workloads of social data and allows companies easy access to that information for analytics and new learning.

Source: IBM Brings New Features to Enterprise Social Network